Total cost of ownership

Triz® Engineering believes in developing products that solve relevant problems through innovation, in order to maximize impact value. Innovative solutions are needed to solve difficult problems in ways that are economically viable, technically feasible and result in desirable products and features, which drive our customers’ competitive edge and reduce total cost of ownership. Our customers are our primary focus.

TCO was described as the “most important purchasing factor in our customers’ purchasing decisions” by Daimler, while the mottos of Navistar and Autocar, “Driven by Uptime” and “Always Up”, speak to the high value that OEMs place on operating costs. One of PACCAR’s pillars is Operational Efficiency, while Spartan Motors cites their customers’ need for “better value” and “more productivity” in the solutions they purchase.

Triz Engineering is uniquely positioned to address TCO at all levels. As an engineering company that is also a fully functioning commercial OEM engineering department, Triz has the necessary tools to address total cost of ownership when developing new products and integrating systems. We consider several factors when we start a project:



Purchase price is related to the cost of developing and supporting a vehicle. Whether a pricing model is built from a “cost plus margin” or a “market price” viewpoint, costs need to be taken into account for company sustainability. We can view the costs as either a cause or an effect; looking at costs as a cause means that they directly form part of the price calculation, while viewing them as an effect means that they are adjusted as a result of the market price. Working with Triz leads to products that have a lower purchase price, allowing our customers to do more with less.


Maintenance and fuel efficiency are the highest contributors to the TCO, which is why we reduce vehicle maintenance costs by designing solutions that are service friendly. The experience that Triz Engineering has gained from designing and supporting complete vehicles allows our engineering teams to intuitively understand an application and design a solution to meet it. We are adept at light-weighting and alternative fuel integration, allowing for a more fuel efficient commercial vehicle and reducing the overall operating costs.


When you’re done using a vehicle that we’ve designed, you’ll get more out of it because the market rewards great engineering. The higher resale value of Triz Engineering-developed vehicles is a major consideration for our customers, who use it as a core selling point. Any purchaser of a commercial vehicle ultimately wants to attract the highest return on their investment, and the resale value of the vehicles they invest in is crucial to this consideration.