Triz® Engineering is committed to improving our customers’ product efficiency by utilizing operational excellence tools and processes. The value engineering process is just one of the services Triz offers to our customers. Our OEM DNA allows us to understand systems and components from a functional perspective, which enables us to engineer for minimum waste and improved performance, in order to reduce overall cost and offer maximum value. Partnering with Triz Engineering allows an OEM to eliminate three specific areas that unexpectedly drain profits from projects.


Engineers are valuable to the companies that employ them; not only are they responsible for designing a product, but also they need to be involved in every purchasing decision and production issue. As a result, engineers get pulled in many different directions, and are often only available to work on product design tasks 50 to 60% of their time. This means that projects take more time and consume more resources than originally budgeted for. Fortunately, Triz Engineering offers a dedicated OEM engineering department that can be engaged at any level. Our one-stop approach allows customers the option of a dedicated workforce to design a product, deal with the supply base, or support operations.


Companies often face two types of opportunity costs: being late to market or being forced to choose between projects. We provide an extra set of hands to accelerate time to market for quicker profitability or to execute a complete design, so OEMs can work on more projects simultaneously and speed up their project lifecycles.


We have completed several ground up vehicle designs, many more chassis designs, and even more powertrain installations. Utilizing Triz Engineering gives an OEM immediate access to our extensive and in-depth experience in the commercial vehicle market. We have an OEM-supplier relationship with a wide range of industry leading component manufacturers, so there’s no learning curve when it comes to design or integration. All that’s required is a design goal, and we’ll flex our full OEM expertise to execute and solve your design challenges.